Busting the Top HIV AIDS Myths

Even though technology and science has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent times, there is still an abundance of myths surrounding HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). That is the reason why we have decided to break down the myths that are surrounding HIV/AIDS, since everyone needs to know the truth about these two STDs.

Enhancement in technology has meant that more research has been done and there is more information about HIV and AIDS. Check out some of the top myths about HIV and AIDS and their reality:

Myth 1: HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through mosquito bites

The reality regarding this myth is that, there is no way that a mosquito can transmit you with HIV/AIDS. The transmission can only happen if you are exposed to semen, blood, mother’s milk or vaginal fluid of an infected person. As of yet there is no evidence that suggest that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted though sweat, tears, urine or saliva of an infected person.

Myth 2: Getting infected by HIV/AIDS is a death sentence

Although, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS it is by no means a death sentence, since with treatment and proper medication a person can have a strong and productive life for many years.

Myth 3: Women who are infected shouldn’t have kids

It has common knowledge that mothers can easily transmit the infection to their kids but with advancement in medical science the child can still be cured of the infection before they born. So there is no need to stop women who have HIV/AIDS from giving birth.

Myths 4: People who have HIV shouldn’t have sex with anyone

It is true that HIV can be transmitted from one person to the other when having sex. However, there are treatments and medications available today that can greatly lower the chance of a person transmitting HIV to their partner by around 96%, which ensures a happy and fulfilling life.

Myth 5: If both people are HIV positive they can have unprotected sex

Unprotected sex should never be encouraged, since even if you have HIV, you can get re-infected and worsen your original condition. This can greatly affect your quality of life and become fatal for you.

Myth 6: HIV is generally a drug users or gay person’s disease

This is a common misconception in society, which discriminates on the fact that only drug users and gay people are liable to contract HIV/AIDS. It should be noted that HIV is a virus that can be transmitted when you have unprotected sex and can happen to anyone, no matter how healthy they are. This is why you should always use protection whilst having sex with someone.

Myth 7: You can’t get infected if you use birth control methods

The HIV virus can be transmitted through bodily fluids, which means that birth control pills will not prevent the disease. Their only job is to prevent pregnancy, not to provide protection against STDs like HIV/AIDS.

Myth 8: You can’t have more than one STD

Any person can be infected with more than STD, which means that even if you have herpes, you can still contract HIV from an infected person. This is why proper precautions should be taken whilst having intercourse and if you have an STD then you should follow the proper treatment and medication in order to stop the virus from spreading.